Why Marijuana DUIs Are a Problem Right Now (For You)

Why Marijuana Du Is Are A Problem Right Now (For You)

Far from being the ideal companion for a long road trip, cannabis is currently one of the least-best friend for motorists—and will remain to be regardless of what happens with the recreational-marijuana legalization measures on the ballot in five states tomorrow.Like it or not, stoned driving is a thing. Those neat studies that show stoned drivers are safer than drunk drivers are indeed neat, but for the moment, they don’t matter. (As it is, a lot of things are better than a drunk driver—which doesn’t necessarily make them great.)Police and prohibitionists like to point to a study, conducted by our friends at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, that revealed a big jump in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes testing positive for marijuana in Washington state.Seventeen percent of fatal crashes involved a driver with cannabis in his on her system in 2014, up from 8 percent in 2013, AAA found—a “doubling” that’s been bandied about as an excuse to keep weed illegal.The...

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