President Obama’s Drug War Sentence Commutations Reach a Record 944

President Obama’s Drug War Sentence Commutations Reach A Record 944

On Saturday, PresidentBarack Obamacommuted the sentences of 72 more drug war inmates, bringing his total commutations throughout his two terms to 944. The pace ofObama’s commutationsis picking up as he approaches the end of his time in office. In a similar move one month earlier, he commuted the terms of 102 federal prison inmates—breaking all prior records.“The vast majority of today’s grants were for individuals serving unduly harsh sentences for drug-related crimes under outdated sentencing laws,” White House counselNeil Egglestonsaid in astatementon October 6.“With today’s grants, the president has commuted 774 sentences, more than the previous 11 presidents combined. With a total of 590 commutations this year, President Obama has now commuted the sentences of more individuals in one year than in any other single year in our nation’s history.”But with hislatest round of commutations, praise from activists was tempered by an appreciation of the overwhelming size of the problem....

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