Radical Rant: News Flash—Legalization Isn’t Going to Solve Everything

Radical Rant: News Flash—Legalization Isn’t Going To Solve Everything

Why are you interested in the legalization of marijuana?To solve the gross inequality of income in American society?To cure the evils of racism embedded in American society?To provide an economic engine to revive the middle class in American society?Not me. For me legalization of marijuana must solve one problem alone: it must end the ability of police to harass us over the smell of weed.Maybe it is because I grew up in the Just Say No ’80sin a conservative county in Idaho, a redundancy from which springs such bigotry against cannabis that its governor is the only one nationwide to have vetoed a CBD-only law that would spare lives of epileptic children. (You know you’ve stepped to the fringes of social conservatism when you’re rejecting something Utah pioneered and the South embraced.)Because of that experience of fearing a cage in the Gem State and having been caged over the smell of weed in the Beehive State, I tend to see this movement in very clear terms as what our opponents...

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