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Republican Senate Leader in Virginia Now Open to Pot Decriminalization

Republican Senate Leader In Virginia Now Open To Pot Decriminalization

Although marijuana decriminalization is not a subject that has gained much traction with the Virginia General Assembly over the past few years, the situation could change now that the gatekeeper of the State Senate has come out in support of eliminating the criminal penalties associated with small time marijuana possession.On Tuesday, during a Norfolk City Council dinner, Virginia Senate majority leader Tommy Norment, a Republican, who has voted against decriminalization measures in the past, revealed that he was willing to consider a new policy in terms of those people caught holding a little weed.“It is crazy, we lock up people in the state for modest amounts of marijuana,” Norment said. “I think the issue can adequately be addressed with civil penalties rather than criminal ones. For example, if you are caught with a modest amount of marijuana, you could be ordered into drug rehabilitation, restricting a driver’s license. If you are caught again in a certain period of time, then...

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