Will Rhode Island Legalize if Massachusetts Does?

Will Rhode Island Legalize If Massachusetts Does?

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo says “Little Rhody” may have to get serious about establishing a legal marijuana market of its own if legalization passes as expected in big next-door neighbor Massachusetts next Tuesday.During a recent discussion with the folks over at the Providence Journal, Governor Raimondo, a Democrat who’s had dicey positions on the plant in the past, said she and her staff would have to look at the marijuana legalization issue “harder and faster” if Massachusetts approves a ballot measure that will allow weed to be sold throughout the state in a manner similar to alcohol.“We’re looking at it,” she said. “But I do think we have to get it right because we’re not just talking about rolling a joint.… If that was what this was all about, I think that would be pretty easy: Legalize.”Not unlike other politicians gunning to keep their respective states wallowing in perpetual prohibition, Raimondo said her only reservations about moving forward with legalization is the...

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