Growing Worries: Humboldt Cannabis Farmers Divided on Proposition 64

Growing Worries: Humboldt Cannabis Farmers Divided On Proposition 64

Welcome to Humboldt Homegrown, a new cannabis column from the heart of the Emerald Triangle by veteran local reporter Kym Kemp.Even after one of the rainiest Octobers on record drenched the small cannabis farms of the Emerald Triangle, many of the growers in the region fear the results of California’s Proposition 64 even more than they fear the effects of the downpour on their buds. While farmers begin the cure of this year’s harvest and snip away leaves at trimming tables, the discussion inevitably moves to whether this proposition is the right way to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.Growers are almost as bitterly split about Prop. 64 as the country is on the vote for president. Families quarrel and friendships become strained as the small farmers choose whether to vote yes or no.Two well-known marijuana farmer trade groups that began in the Emerald Triangle, the California Growers Association (CGA) and the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild (HSGG), both declined to take a public...

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