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This U.S. City May Become the New Amsterdam

This U.S. City May Become The New Amsterdam

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada already has legal brothels, round-the-clock casinos and a coy catchphrase declaring that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” If voters approve, the state could soon add another vice in the form of recreational marijuana.A proposal on the Nov. 8 state ballot would legalize pot, and entrepreneurs hope its passage could someday allow the drug at Las Vegas’ glamorous nightclubs and perhaps provide the framework for a future Amsterdam-style cannabis district.“I really think this would be the third-largest market in the country,” said Derek Peterson, whose company operates medical marijuana dispensaries called Blum. He predicts that only California and New York would offer a bigger customer base than Las Vegas and its 42 million tourists a year. “I think it should be able to fit in really well with the whole dayclub/nightclub thing.”Nevada has allowed medical marijuana since 2000, and Peterson sees recreational pot as an alternative for visitors tired of...

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