Yes, California Is Still Arresting Thousands for Marijuana Each Year

Yes, California Is Still Arresting Thousands For Marijuana Each Year

Some say the legalization of a recreational marijuana market is not needed in California; they contend the medical marijuana law is loose enough to protect the interests of everyone wanting to get legally stoned.But a new study has found that that’s bunk.According to the Drug Policy Alliance, a non-profit organization working toward drug-law reform, despite the California decriminalization law put into effect in 2010, people are still being targeted by law enforcement over a plant that is considered mostly legal.Just last year, there were around 2,139 people in California sent to jail for crimes associated with marijuana alone. And while this number does represent a 21 percent decline from the 2,665 people imprisoned for weed in 2010, it is evidence, according to the DPA, that more needs to be done to change the state’s marijuana laws.Proposition 64, which was largely fueled and funded by tech entrepreneur Sean Parker, was designed to bridge the divide on what is considered a...

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