Attorneys Argue Pot’s Schedule I Listing Is a Civil Rights Violation

Attorneys Argue Pot’s Schedule I Listing Is A Civil Rights Violation

A federal judge in New York was recently put in the position to decide whether marijuana’s Schedule I classification under the Controlled Substances Act was a civil rights violation.However, the defendant charged in the case ended up accepting a two-year prison term before the court ever had a chance to comment.According to the Bradford Era, the public defenders appointed to drag 58-year-old Randy Wade Kenyon out of the mud after he was caught in possession ofmore than 800 cannabis plants, filed a motion with the court that asserted the DEA’s Schedule I listing for marijuana violated Kenyon’s civil rights.The motion said this classification indicates the herb has “no medicinal value,” but it clearly does according to state law.“Especially irrational, however, is the government’s insistence that marijuana has no ‘currently accepted’ medical use,” the motion declared. “Such a position is simply unsustainable as demonstrated by numerous peer-reviewed studies, the recent passage of...

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