Will Donald Trump Sucker-Punch the Weed Industry?

Will Donald Trump Sucker Punch The Weed Industry?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.Now that the circus known as the 2016 presidential election is finally over, and the American people have crowned Donald Trump the next Leader of the Free World, supporters of the marijuana legalization movement are left to wonder just how the new administration will handle all of this legal weed business when it comes time to take over the White House next year.As of Tuesday’s election, voters in eight states and the District of Columbia have ended marijuana prohibition—making cannabis legal in a manner similar to alcohol.What is the president-elect’s position on weed?Like so many other Trump positions, it’s fluid, sometimes nonsensical and, most ominously, subject to change.He has said that he is behind medical marijuana 100 percent; Recreational marijuana, he has said, should be left up to the states.But, Colorado is “a real problem.”President Obama said last week that federal marijuana enforcement would no longer be “tenable” with so many states...

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