The Cannabis Question in Trump’s America

The Cannabis Question In Trump’s America

The results of Tuesday’selections really indicate the schizophrenic nature of American political culture at this moment.Amidst thefear and loathingover the election of the fascisticDonald Trumpas president, big gains were registered for cannabis freedom. Voters inCaliforniaapprovedProposition 64,legalizingup to an ounce for those 21 and older and allowing individuals to grow up to six plants. The measure also permits retail sales and imposes a 15 percent tax. Similar measures passed inMassachusetts,MaineandNevada, bringing the percentage of Americans living in states where cannabis is legal for adultsup from five to 20 percent. Only Arizona’s Proposition 205 wasrejectedby the voters. .Voters in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas allapprovedmedical marijuana initiatives. Montana also saw a victory, as voters passedInitiative 182, expanding the state’s medical marijuana program and loosening bureaucratic restrictions.There were also several ballot initiatives concerning the death...

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