White 99 Live Sugar

White 99 Live Sugar
Concentrates - Hybrid-Sativa
The potent cross between “The White” and Cinderella 99 strains, produces the powerful offspring of White 99, a sativa dominant hybrid that has a bite. Recommended for the experienced user, THC levels can exceed 25% on average, so in some users it can induce paranoia of sorts. An overwhelming body high that tingles the brain into laughter and brings bright mood boosts, this lemon and earthy citrus strain is a bright batch of light green nugs and long amber hairs. The next chapter for White 99, is concentrate form, bringing it’s already high potency to even bigger levels. Enjoy White 99 in Live Sugar, and see what all the buzz is about.

Produced By: Next1 Labs LLC

Average Prices
2 Grams
Pricing at or below the Average Price of $53.83 per 2 Grams Clear Average Price
Dispensary Location 2 Grams

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