12th Man Down

12th Man Down
Flower - Hybrid - THC: 26.0% - CBD: 1.0%
12th Man Down is highly powerful hybrid strain that boasts THC levels of 26%. Sometimes known as 12th Man OG, it’s a rare strain in that its parentage is unknown and is a very balanced hybrid. A fun fact about the strain is that it first hit dispensaries in honor of Washington football fans, after the 50th Super Bowl appearance of the Seattle Seahawks. Prepare for the hard-hitting effects of 12th Man Down, as the high is known to set-in almost immediately that brings a rush of lifted head euphoria with it. Allow yourself the late afternoon or evening to enjoy the heavy effects of 12th Man Down, the strain has a calming sedative feel towards the end of the high. Large doses of the strain can be used to treat insomnia, and in lower doses has an effect on nausea, depression, and chronic pain or anxiety. A pine-like smoke that brings sweet and spicy to the table, it also has that classic “kush” aroma. Covered in white trichomes, this green leafy flower with light orange hairs is not a beginner’s strain.

Produced By: Phat Panda

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