We Cannot Tell a Lie: Hemp Grows Again at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Plantation

We Cannot Tell A Lie: Hemp Grows Again At George Washington’s Mount Vernon Plantation

Share Tweet Share PinBy, Matthew Barakat MOUNT VERNON, Va. (AP) — Chopping cherry trees is not the only horticultural myth surrounding our most famous Founding Father — marijuana culture has long reveled in the link between George Washington and cannabis. Like many myths, though, Washington’s connections to cannabis are not invented out of whole cloth. Washington did indeed grow industrial hemp on his Mount Vernon estate, a variety of the cannabis plant but not one that contains enough THC, the psychotropic chemical in marijuana, to cause any mind-bending effects. The idea of smoking marijuana to get high would have been foreign to people in Washington’s time. Recreational use of marijuana in the US didn’t begin until the 19th century, by most accounts. At Washington’s Virginia estate, horticulturists in May 2018 planted the first hemp crop in centuries on the Mount Vernon grounds to highlight the Founding Father’s life as a farmer. Mount Vernon employees known as interpreters on...

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