President George Washington Had a Deeply Rooted Interest in Hemp

President George Washington Had A Deeply Rooted Interest In Hemp

Share Tweet Share Pin“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. The checks he endeavors to give it, however warrantable by ancient usage, will, more than probably, kindle a flame, which may not be easily extinguished; tho’ for a while it may be smothered by the Armies at his command, and the Nobility in his interest.” -George Washington Letter to James Madison – March 02, 1788

Washington fox hunt at Mount Vernon by John Ward Dunsmore 1922 America had just declared its independence as Gen. George Washington frantically prepared New York for the impending invasion of British troops gathering off of Staten Island. Sitting by a flickering light of a candle on the eve of the Revolutionary War, Washington’s mind wandered to one thought: his garden.

Mere days before the Battle of New York, Washington sat down to calmly write a letter to his cousin and estate manager Lund Washington with his instructions and plans for a new garden.

“Plant Trees in the room of all...

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