Montreal ‘Weed Conference’ Explores Opportunities in Cannabis Industry

Montreal ‘Weed Conference’ Explores Opportunities In Cannabis Industry

“Oftentimes you hear people saying, in this industry, that you’re riding the bike and building it at the same time.” Approximately 70 students and other curious types filed into an auditorium in Concordia’s John Molson School of Business on Saturday evening for something called The Weed Conference. Giggle all you want, but with its upcoming legalization, marijuana and the industry surrounding it are about to become serious business, and these people – on this night, mostly, but not all, young men – wanted to get in on the ground floor. “It’s always been… not a passion of mine, but something I’m interested in,” said Karl (not his real name), a John Molson School of Business student who previously co-owned a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. – Read the entire article at Montreal Gazette.

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