Italian Researchers: Crime Fell in Oregon, Washington Following Legalization of Marijuana

Italian Researchers: Crime Fell In Oregon, Washington Following Legalization Of Marijuana

Share Tweet Share PinBy Jessica Peralta Crime is frequently cited as a reason not to legalize cannabis, but a February study from researchers at the University of Bologna’s Department of Economics in Italy, published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, concluded that the fears of a jump in crime from legalizing recreational cannabis use are unjustified. In fact, researchers found a possible decrease. “One clear benefit of legalized marijuana is that it hinders the black market, as marijuana can be bought ‘out in the open’ in a legal and regulated business,” said Marc Ross, a securities attorney with Sichenzia Ross Ference Kesner in New York, who also teaches business and law of marijuana at Hofstra University School of Law, the such course taught in a US law school. “And, as the influence of gangs and cartels decrease in society, one would expect the amount of ‘serious crimes,’ which are usually associated with gangs and cartels, to decrease as well.” Researchers...

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