Trump appoints drug war general to lead Homeland Security

Trump Appoints Drug War General To Lead Homeland Security

President-electDonald Trumpis reported to havenamed the former chief of the Pentagon’sSouthern Command, Gen.John Kelly, as his choice for secretary ofHomeland Security. As SouthCom chief, Kelly oversaw counter-narcotics operations throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean from late 2012 until his retirement in January 2016. He was a notorious hardliner, which resulted in policy clashes with President Obama, theWashington Posttells us. As Homeland Security chief, he will oversee the 20,000-strongBorder Patrol, with responsibility for drug interceptions along the 2,000-mile frontier with Mexico.

In May 2015, Kellypersonally visitedthe coca-producing guerilla hotbed of the Apurímac-Ene Valley in Peru, where he was deploying Marines to train Peruvian troops in jungle warfare. He explicitly boasted that his leathernecks would bring expertise gained in Iraq and Afghanistan to share with Peruvian forces fighting insurgents and drug traffickers in the jungle valley. The...

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