Controversy Erupts Around $10 Million Bust of Legal Marijuana Grow

Controversy Erupts Around $10 Million Bust Of Legal Marijuana Grow

Over the weekend, 35 people were arrested and $10 million worth of marijuana was seized during a raid at an oldairport in Calavaras County, California.According to the sheriff’s department, the grow operation had been under investigation for the past month due to a reported increase in traffic going and out of the airport.However, the operation wasn’t illegal; investigators found that the owners had a permit to grow cannabis.All of this beautiful bud was destroyed.“They said that they were registered. They paid their $5,000 fee, but again (the owners) are not reading the ordinance,” Sheriff Rick DiBasilio told KCRA. “The ordinance is very specific: you are allowed to grow—that’s it. It has nothing to do with processing, manufacturing, testing, anything.”According to DiBasilio, it’s the county’snew marijuana laws which are causing problems, but Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands—which consults licensees in Calavaras County and helps fund them in return for product—saysthat’s not...

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