Nancy Pelosi Gives First Ever Public Statement on Marijuana Legalization

Nancy Pelosi Gives First Ever Public Statement On Marijuana Legalization

In her first ever public statement on the legalization of marijuana, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently toldone of California’s largest newspapers that she fully intends to cast a favorable vote on Tuesday for a ballot measure aimed at establishing a taxed and regulated cannabis industry.The Democrat representing California’s 12th District, who is also the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that she will stand in support at the polls for Proposition 64.“I will vote for it, but I have not made a public statement about it until right this very second,” Pelosi said.Pelosi’s pro-marijuana statement is the largest endorsement for the state’s controversial ballot measure to come from an elected official, according to CNN. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has been somewhat of a spokesperson for the initiative, but Governor Jerry Brown has yet to give any indication whether he is in favor of or against the proposal.What is...

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