Outrage Erupts Over Leaked Photograph of a Cop Mockingly Posing with Dead Drug Overdose Victim

Outrage Erupts Over Leaked Photograph Of A Cop Mockingly Posing With Dead Drug Overdose Victim

The actions of an unknown Missouri police officer are being called into question after a local television station leaked a photograph of the cop posed next to the corpse of a man who had just died as a result of a drug overdose.The victim’s mother, Kim Stanton, has since hired a legal team to investigate how drug-related deaths have all of a sudden become a selfie opportunity for those men and women hired to protect and serve the public.In August, the North County Police Cooperative (NCPC) was dispatched to the residence of 28-year-old Omar Rahman, who was found dead inside the home. A report from KMOV-TV indicates the local medical examiner eventually ruled the death an accidental drug overdose.But Stanton, who complains that police have all but refused to provide her with information regarding the case, is now trying to figure why there is a photo floating around of an officer smiling and giving a thumbs-up while holding her dead son’s arm.Attorney Antonio Romanucci, who is...

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