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12th Man Down

12th Man Down

12th Man Down is highly powerful hybrid strain that boasts THC levels of 26%. Sometimes known as 12th Man OG, it’s a rare strain in that its parentage is unknown and is a v...

Produced By: Phat Panda

Average Prices: $44/Eighth

Strawberry Lemonade Sucker

Strawberry Lemonade Sucker

These tasty grown-up lollipops are in the old favorite flavor just like grandad used to make to sit on the front porch. Except grandad didn’t infuse his strawberry lemonade...

Produced By: Canyon Cultivation

Average Prices: $5/10mg



Bubbleberry is a sativa dominant hybrid (80%/20% sativa-indica ratio), that crosses the extremely prevalent Blueberry and the super sweet Bubblegum strains to create this s...

Produced By: Pure GreensTop Shelf Cannabis

Average Prices: $4/Gram $41/Eighth

Black Jack

Black Jack

Black Jack is an extra tasty indica-dominant hybrid brought by the cross breed of Black Domina and Jack Herer. Consumers note that this trichome covered delicacy doesn’t br...

Produced By: Super FarmBaM / Body and MindHarmony FarmsBlue Roots Cannabis

Average Prices: $4/Gram $19/Eighth

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Sativa Gummies

Packaged for freshness and tested for purity, these sativa gummies can pack a punch. With only 1 gram of sugar per gummy, these sweet and soft treats will have you easing i...

Produced By: Glacé / Glace

Average Prices: $12/100mg